Direct Injection Gasoline Fuel Injector Testing and Cleaning Service
Direct Injection Gasoline Fuel Injector Testing and Cleaning Service
Direct Injection Gasoline Fuel Injector Testing and Cleaning Service
Direct Injection Gasoline Fuel Injector Testing and Cleaning Service

Direct Injection Gasoline Fuel Injector Testing and Cleaning Service

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Complete testing and cleaning fuel injector service for gasoline engine.

Detailed information about our service:

Visual Inspection: The injectors get a total outside visual inspection to detect any abnormality.

Electrical Test: Includes the internal coil check for continuity and the <Ohms resistance test (Ω)

Powerful Ultrasonic Cleaning : Using ultrasonic technology in a specialty formulated fuel injector cleaning medium, the injectors gets a complete inside cavity cleaning, removing from inside out dirt, varnish, carbon and other impurities that are not suppose to be there, restoring injector peak performance.

Complete Computerized Controlled Cleaning Flow Technology: Thanks to the help of microcomputer, the cleaning fluid is precisely injected thru the injector to clean and remove out rust, varnish, carbon, dirt and other contaminants.

Back flush Cleaning: The injectors get back flushed cleaning to finish removing any impurities that get trapped inside that are to big to get expelled from the pintle side.

Injector Flow Test Capacity (Flow Volume): Injector get tested to exam the injecting capacity of constant injection. In other words, how much fuel volume your injectors are flowing in cubic centimeters (cc) and milliliters (ml) measure units. This test is very important because is the only way to know if your fuel injectors are flowing accordingly to the manufacturer specifications and are the size recommended for your needs. If they are flowing less than manufacturer specifications, is a sign of blockage inside fuel injectors and engine damage will occur.

Uniformity Test: All same injectors are tested to identify if they are flowing the same amount of fuel at the same time in the same RPM range.

Atomization Detection: Using the help of backlight, the spraying status of each injector is examined. This test has the purpose to achieve proper fuel atomization of the injectors.

Injector Minimum Pulse Width Opening Time Test: Measure in milliseconds (ms), each injector is tested to identify his minimum pulse width opening time. This information is important because is the only way to know what are the pulsed minimum opening time the injector needs to open, so the tuner can known what are exactly the pulsed minimum opening time of the injectors that are using and put that information in the tuning software. Also this helps speed up the tuning process and achieve a more precise tuning. Is recommended when you engine get an aftermarket engine management system like Electromotive, Haltech, Microtech, Hondata, Diablosport, SCT, Fuel Tech, F.A.S.T., Holley, Motec, Simple Digital Systems (SDS), AEM, EFI Technology, Edelbrock, Autronic, Accek/DFI, BigStuff3, Megasquirt, etc.

RPM Test: Fuel injector high peak performance get tested from idle speed up to maximun RPM to exam is functioning properly at high RPM’s in high performance engine applications.

Leakage Test: In his closing position, 100 psi of fuel pressure is applied constant for a period of time to verify that the injector is sealing properly and not leaking. Leakage tests are very important in any stock or high performance engine. Detecting a dribbling injector between their opening and closing cycles help to get proper tuning, protect the engine performance for pre-ignition, detonation, rough idle, chocking, high fuel consumption, high exhaust emissions, carbon build up and other problems.

Outside cleaning:  Injector get a complete outside cleaning to remove dirt, varnish, grime, grease, gum and other nasty stuff. The male cooper connector pins get cleaned from oxidation to assure proper contact.

Installation of brand new high quality parts: Injectors get new O-rings, filters, spacers, grommet and pintle caps. As note, for some injectors they are not available all the replacement parts in the market yet, so they will get only the parts that are available.

Written Report: A printed report will let you know the results of the tests and observations of the injectors "before" and "after" our service. All necessary information is included here.